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Aug 30, 2016Western Pacific Announces Settlement Of Debt

Aug 17, 2016Western Pacific Appoints New Board Member

Jul 29, 2016Western Pacific Announces Settlement of Debt

Jun 16, 2016Western Pacific Provides Corporate Update

Jan 28, 2016Western Pacific Enters Stipulation Agreement

Oct 16, 2015Western Pacific Receives Notice of Default

Apr 09, 2015Western Pacific Receives Final Assays of 2014 Drill Program

Feb 02, 2015Western Pacific Announces Issuance of Remaining Notes Related to Unsecured Note Financing

Jan 05, 2015Western Pacific Announces Unsecured Note Financing

Jan 05, 2015Western Pacific Encounters 1.5 ft grading 82.7 g/t Gold and 24,981 g/t Silver - Highest Grade Intercept To Date

Oct 27, 2014Western Pacific Appoints New Corporate Secretary

Oct 02, 2014Western Pacific Drilling Encounters High Grade Mineralization

Sep 10, 2014Western Pacific Receives US$600,000 Tranche from Quintana

Jul 31, 2014Western Pacific Receives US$1.0 Million Tranche From Quintana

Jul 09, 2014Drilling Commences At Western Pacific's Deer Trail Mine Project

Jun 17, 2014Western Pacific Grants Stock Options

May 23, 2014Western Pacific Grants Stock Options

May 22, 2014Western Pacific Provides Progress Report

Feb 25, 2014Western Pacific To Settle Debt

Feb 24, 2014Western Pacific Completes Initial Advance of Convertible Note Financing and Acquisition of the Deer Trail Mine

Jan 14, 2014Western Pacific Shareholders Approve Quintana Transaction

Dec 10, 2013Western Pacific Welcomes Proposed New Board Members, Upon Closing Of The Quintana Transaction

Dec 10, 2013Western Pacific Announces $10 Million Convertible Note Financing And $8.5 Million Base Metals Streaming Agreement

Nov 14, 2013Western Pacific Extends Agreement to Acquire Deer Trail Mine

Sep 03, 2013Lower Deer Trail Mine Returns Sampling Results up to 164.5 g/t Gold and 8090 g/t Silver over 0.533 meters for Western Pacific

Sep 03, 2013Western Pacific Reports Sampling of up to 20.9 g/t Gold Over 0.762 meters at Upper Deer Trail Mine

Aug 12, 2013Western Pacific Reports Historic Sampling of up to 18.5 g/t Gold at Upper Deer Trail Mine

Aug 06, 2013Western Pacific Retains Financial Advisory Consultant

Jul 29, 2013Western Pacific Renegotiates Deer Trail Transaction

Jul 12, 2013Western Pacific completes final tranche of private placement, raising total proceeds of $1,000,500

Jun 06, 2013Western Pacific Files Technical Report for its Mineral Gulch Project

Jun 03, 2013Western Pacific completes $980,500 tranche of private placement

Apr 26, 2013Western Pacific Undertakes $2.0 Million Financing

Apr 15, 2013Western Pacific provides update on acquisition of Deer Trail Mine, Piute County, Utah

Mar 22, 2013Clarification And Retraction Of Previously Issued Technical Disclosure

Mar 18, 2013Crown Mines Waives Right of First Refusal on Deer Trail Mine

Feb 27, 2013Michael Callahan & Arthur Brown join Western Pacific; Options Granted

Feb 26, 2013Western Pacific enters agreement to acquire the Deer Trail Mine, Piute County, Utah

Jan 16, 2013Western Pacific sells Meridian Ridge Project to Midway Gold

Nov 08, 2012Western Pacific hires Tetra Tech for Engineering Services

Oct 10, 2012Western Pacific begins evaluation of the historic Leach Pad at its Mineral Gulch property, Cassia County, Idaho

Aug 09, 2012Western Pacific Appoints Douglas Ford as Director and CFO

Jun 19, 2012Western Pacific Extends Warrants

Jun 11, 2012Western Pacific Receives 5 Year Drill Permit

May 09, 2012Western Pacific Receives Pegasus Drill Data

May 01, 2012Western Pacific reports results from magnetic survey at Mineral Gulch

Apr 18, 2012Curt Everson

Apr 16, 2012Western Pacific Cuts 12.2m of 1.37 g/t Gold at Mineral Gulch, Including 7.6m of 1.88 g/t Gold

Feb 14, 2012Western Pacific Begins Detailed Magnetic Survey

Feb 07, 2012Western Pacific Expands Southern Soil Anomaly

Jan 30, 2012Western Pacific Begins Drilling at Mineral Gulch Project

Jan 09, 2012Western Pacific Expands Mineralized Zones at Mineral Gulch Project

Oct 25, 2011Western Pacific Cuts 24.4m @ 1.6g/t Au at Mineral Gulch Project

Oct 24, 2011Ron Parratt Joins Western Pacific's Advisory Board

Oct 20, 2011Western Pacific Expands Soil Anomaly

Aug 18, 2011Western Pacific Update on Working Capital & Share Structure

Jul 27, 2011Western Pacific Adds Second RC Drill Rig at Mineral Gulch

Jul 13, 2011Western Pacific Grants Stock Options

Jun 30, 2011Western Pacific Completes $2.5 Million Private Placement

Jun 27, 2011Western Pacific Begins RC Drilling at Mineral Gulch

Jun 09, 2011Western Pacific Announces $2.5 Million Private Placement

May 31, 2011Western Pacific Receives Drill Permit For Mineral Gulch

May 18, 2011Western Pacific Expands Rock Springs Property, Nevada

Feb 24, 2011Western Pacific Completes Geophysics at Mineral Gulch C & D Pits

Feb 23, 2011Western Pacific Completes South Lida Drilling Program, Nevada

Feb 02, 2011Western Pacific Shows 88% Historic Gold Recoveries in Carbonaceous Rock at Mineral Gulch

Jan 18, 2011Mineral Gulch Exploration Results, 10,000 Meters of Drilling Planned

Dec 02, 2010Drilling Underway at South Lida

Nov 02, 2010Western Pacific Prepares to Drill South Lida

Sep 14, 2010Western Pacific Details Remaining Historic Gold Resources at Mineral Gulch Project

Sep 07, 2010Western Pacific Retains Investor Relations Consultants

Aug 27, 2010Western Pacific Oversubscribes Financing

Aug 03, 2010Western Pacific Samples 6.1m at 3.7 g/t at Mineral Gulch

Jul 26, 2010Western Reports Excellent First Pass Sampling Results for Mineral Gulch Pits

Jul 22, 2010Michael Williams Joins Western Pacific's Board of Directors

Jul 20, 2010Western Pacific Announces $2.1M Private Placement

Jul 07, 2010Western Pacific Acquires Rock Springs Property

Jun 17, 2010Western Pacific Begins Exploring Mineral Gulch Project

Apr 21, 2010Western Pacific Identifies Targets at Mineral Gulch Project

Apr 08, 2010Western Pacific Expands Mineral Gulch Project

Mar 02, 2010Western Pacific Enters into Agreement with Newmont Mining

Feb 01, 2010Western Pacific Begins Trading

Jan 28, 2010Western Pacific Resources Corp. Completes Initial Public Offering

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